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VIOLINS FOR SALE Inverness area, and REPAIRS

Are you looking for an instrument or bow?

Do you have one for sale?

Would you like top quality servicing and repairs?

Would you like to know if that old fiddle in the attic is worth saving?

I can now offer these services. 

Whether you're looking for a Scottish antique or a new student violin, I can help source the perfect instrument for your requirements.

I can change strings, and replace tailpieces and chin rests, and I can advise on anything else you might need.
Every fiddle needs a check over once in a while, and I can do this and catch any issues before they become a more serious problem. 

If your fiddle needs a full MOT or a more serious repair, or if your granny's old fiddle needs total restoration, I can arrange for this to be done by one of the UK's top luthiers.

Message me with any questions - and if you are looking to sell an instrument I can help find it a new home, and can advertise it here.

I have two nice violins available to play while yours is away for work, so you do not need to be without one.

See below for any current fiddles and bows I have available - for quality student instruments please get in touch and I can source whatever you need. Pictures coming soon!

Full sized violin by Charles Cramond, Aberdeen, 1820s - a lovely antique, fully restored. Sweet and powerful tone, lovely dark red/brown colour, ready to go. £6,500

Full sized guitar shaped violin, new, made by Colin Cross from Castle Douglas. Stunning modern instrument, superb tone at all volumes and looks great. A wonderful violin at a bargain price - guitar shaped fiddles play and sound the same as the conventional shape, but without the corners they take less time to make and so are a good value choice for the player! £3,500

Full sized violin bow, Armand Latour, approx 100 years old, German made and labelled as French. Octagonal stick, nice and strong and well balanced. Lovely bow, plays beautifully. £2,500