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Unusually I have space for one - so get in touch if you're interested!

Here are some of my previous commissions for you to listen to: (click on titles)

Sandy Bows Out

The Black Rock of Scorrybreac

A Coul Wedding

Robbie O' Holin

Old Grey Wolf

Whit's Willow

Shedfield Anniversary

Wee Kinsey (for a new baby)

Feedback from a happy customer:

“We commissioned  Fiona to write this tune for our friend’s wedding in New Zealand. We couldn’t go to the wedding, so this proved to be a perfect gift, which could be posted to them on a C.D.  It’s personal, and unique, and  they were ab-so-lut-ely delighted with it!  Commissioning a tune from Fiona as a gift, is a VERY GOOD THING.”

If you would like me to compose a tune for your special birthday, anniversary, wedding or other occasion, please get in touch.

When you commission a piece of music, you have the pleasure of naming the piece, and you will also receive a recording of the tune on CD and as an MP3 along with the framed sheet music.

You can specify the type of tune, maybe you fancy a waltz, or perhaps a lively reel? You can even choose the key if you like.

A really unique and special gift. Contact me to discuss your requirements - I will only take six commissions per year, so that I can give your piece my full attention and ensure that it is a truly unique and perfect gift.