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VIOLIN and BOW REPAIRS, and RE - HAIRS Inverness, Highlands

Please get in touch if you have a violin or a bow that needs repair or re-hair as I can organise this for you, including assessment, quotation, transportation and insurance while it is away being worked on. 

Recently I have been delighted to help bring many gorgeous old instruments back to life for their owners, and it's always a joy to see the transformation.

I work with some of Scotland's top luthiers, but I can do smaller jobs myself like fitting new strings, tailpieces and chin rests, and I can also advise you what else you may need.

A fiddle will only sound its best with a professional set-up, so if yours is a bit sad maybe that's all it needs to sound beautiful... 

If you need a bigger restoration I can organise that too and you never know what that old fiddle in the attic might turn out to be - bring it along and find out!