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Fiona Drivers Scottish Fiddle Course - book/CD WITH BOTH FIONA'S SOLO CDs FREE!

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Fiona Drivers Scottish Fiddle Course - book/CD WITH BOTH FIONA'S SOLO CDs FREE!

INCLUDES: free copies of both 'Orkney Fire' and 'The Orkney Fiddler' on CD!

Fiona Driver’s Scottish Fiddle Course is an accessible, enjoyable and informative book containing 88 pages of everything you need to know to start reading music and playing Scottish fiddle, whatever your age:

35 lessons for beginners of all ages,
Advice on choosing and caring for your fiddle and bow,
How to fit strings and tune your instrument,
22 Scottish tunes to learn,
An accompanying CD,
14 pages of music reading practise,
Exercises, scales and essential theory,
Chord charts for accompanists.

Tunes in the book are recorded at TWO SPEEDS so that you can hear what they sounds like at full speed, and also practise along slowly while you are learning.

DOWNLOAD the entire CD from Bandcamp for just £2.

Together this book and CD will help you learn to play the fiddle and read music, at your own pace.

Fiona Driver is a musician, composer and tutor, with over twenty years experience teaching fiddle students of all ages and abilities.

"I am a Director of Music at a Prep School and I teach violin to whole classes as well as having a son who learns violin and loves fiddle music. As an educator, I can tell you that this book is very clearly presented and every step is explained very clearly in non-complex language. Exercises have a very clear objective and the basic technical challenges of playing the violin are dealt with quickly and effectively from the outset (care of the instrument, bow hold, pizzicato, bowing, where to place your fingers, high 2 versus low 2 and semitones versus tones, slurs etc etc - surprisingly, scales become simple beginners things in no time, rather than complex Grade 1 challenges to battle with!). The CD presents material at a slow tempo and at full speed meaning that pupils also have 'learning tracks' that they can work with until they've mastered their new challenges. This book is suitable for a very beginner and moves on to become very useful to a Grade 2-4 violinist with a good mixture of string crossing, slurs, scale and arpeggio patterns within traditional tunes etc. Each piece is introduced with its background which is in itself interesting and then a focus on a specific technical feature or two with an explanation of how to master that challenge. As a true comparison, I have just sent 2 other books that I bought from Amazon back as they simply moved too fast and seemed rather dull and uninspiring. I therefore am very happy to recommend this clearly laid out, well thought out, step-by-step pedagogical method. Great job Fiona!"

"I have gone from zero to playing a little jig with this book - you have no idea how happy this makes me! I am an adult beginner, who has always loved Scottish music, and the tunes in this book are just a joy to learn. The CD is good enough to listen to in its own right but playing along first to the slower versions, then the faster ones, is great fun and very rewarding. I never thought I'd be able to master the fiddle but the instructions are clear and the progression is challenging enough to be interesting whilst never daunting. HIghly recommended."

'As an adult beginner trying to teach myself fiddle (with a bit of live input from a classical violin teacher) I wanted a book with a CD that had accompaniment I could play along to- not just demonstration fiddle parts (useful though they are.) This is a graded course taking you from the absolute basics of holding the fiddle and beginning music theory through to playing pieces. I didn't need the music theory, but I can see that it's presented in a very approachable way that would suit the young learner, and there are some lovely humorous drawings to liven up the pages. Some of the well-chosen tunes are traditional Scottish and some are composed by the author: all are lovely and great fun to play. A big advantage is the inclusion of slow versions of the pieces at a speed that a beginner can play along with- the tunes are good enough to stand up to this treatment- and playing with accompaniment is so motivating. Then the pieces are also played at a more normal speed, giving something to aim for as one's skills develop (hopefully!). Highly recommended for children and adults alike."

Thank you for supporting an independent musician!

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